2014 Testimonials

2014 Testimonials

Thanks for your info! Actually my son is in need of a second course of this. He started the first one during summer because of heel pain that the doctors after a year only prescribed insoles for! I searched the internet as he could hardly walk on his feet, and he is a basketball player! After one week the constant pain was gone and his heels/soles were no longer swollen and after two more weeks even the tenderness was gone. His knee that had been starting to act up also was relieved of pain. Now he asked me for more of the pills as the feet were getting tender again. Should I give him 2/day X 30 and then 1/day. Or just 1/day until the pain is gone. Thankful for advice…

Thank you for a great product!

Sofia K

My son is doing better with Severs over the last year, but recently his knees started to hurt. So we continue OSCON and are using the straps as well as during vigorous activity we use Lidoderm patches as prescribed by his physician. I have doubled up his OSCON to see if this will help. I also began taking OSCON and take a double dose and have found it to be helpful for reduction of knee pain associated with osteoarthritis of my left knee. I receive Synvisc 1 injections in this knee every six months and found them helpful, but not a complete solution. I also take Glucosamine Chondritin as recommended by my orthopaedic surgeon. This has seemed to help as well. Once I added OSCON I am almost pain free in my knee even when performing very challenging workouts involving sprinting, cone drills, ladder work etc… It seems the three together are helpful. I am 51 my height is 6’2″ and I weigh 210 lbs and my son is 12 and weighs 136 lbs. and is around 5’2″.


David J

Hi Gary,

We are starting to see good results already and it’s only been two weeks. Could we please re order another bottle of tablets, please.



My 14 yr old daughter is a fastpitch softball pitcher. Her throwing shoulder was painful and the doc said he thought it was tendonitis and recommended Oscon. Within 2 days of taking this she has no pain. Awesome product.

Kathy S

I ordered your product 12 months ago for my then 11 year old daughter who was experiencing such intense OS pain in her knees. She could barely walk, much less complete her Rep Training schedule. After completing 1 bottle of Oscon – she was fantastic and continuing with her sports. Nearly a year on, she started to complain of odd pain again in the last 2 weeks. I have put her straight back on the Oscon and ordered some more. She is experiencing very rapid periods of growth and will be very tall when finished (5ft 9ins at 12.5 years). The product has been amazing for her!

Deborah B

Thank you, Gary. Your product is fantastic and your customer service is great. I appreciate it!

Thank you,

Christina W

Hi Gary,

My son’s pain while playing basketball ?is almost completely gone. He noticed a huge improvement after months of pain in less than 2 weeks of taking Oscon I have ordered another bottle to make sure he stays pain free.

I was skeptical but I am now a believer. ?I will tell everyone about this product. Our physio, the coach, the doctor and other parents.

Thank you,


Dear Mr. Nelson,

I wanted to email you and let you know that the Oscon Osgood-Schlatter product has changed my Son’s life!

Thank you so much!

Robin Matthews

Thanks! Have several friends who have used this for their plantar fasciitis and hoping it works for me, too.

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